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"Pause Breaks" visual

It would be nice if the Dock Icon changed somehow when Pause Breaks was selected; for instance, change the color to orange or red, or put a red slash through the logo, or even superimpose the 'pause' symbol over the icon. Something to remind me to turn it back on, basically.

Also, could you add "pause/resume breaks" to the context menu from the Dock Icon?

(I'd love to see these tweaks in a non-Leopard requiring version; I don't upgrade for a few iterations, say 10.5.3 or so).

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Re: "Pause Breaks" visual

The good news is that I do plan on adding those features in Time Out 2.

The bad news is that Time Out 2 will require Leopard.

I may consider adding some variation of those features in an earlier release, but no promises.