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Simple On/Off functionality

I love that you are making this an app that will run in the menu bar. I will gladly pay for the new version when it's out.

I use the app Caffeine to keep my screen from shutting off and it is as simple as clicking on the menu bar item once to turn it on or off. Then, if you want to adjust the preferences, you can hold down command and then click the icon to make changes.

Can you do this for 2.0? I would love to keep this program on at all times and turn it on and off as needed.

Thanks again for this awesome app. It really keeps me sane (when I remember to turn it on).

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Re: Simple On/Off functionality

Thanks, I'm glad you like the sound of Time Out 2.

I plan to add a command to the system menu to pause/resume breaks, including an option to pause for a specified amount of time then automatically resume.

It'll also have preferences to disable Time Out when specified apps are frontmost, e.g. to avoid breaks while watching a DVD, QuickTime Player movie, or game.

Awesome. Sounds great. Any

Awesome. Sounds great.

Any rough estimate on release date? And I noticed you said we could donate now to set our own price. How would that work for when the release comes out?

Thanks again.

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Re: Awesome. Sounds great.

Pinning down a release date is tricky — things keep getting moved around, and work always takes longer than expected. At this moment in time, I'm currently aiming for Q1 2010, but it could be sooner or later. I'm really keen to get Time Out 2 finished, but have to balance it with my various other projects too.

People who donate any amount now will be eligible for a license for Time Out Pro 2 — the paid edition — at no further cost, when it is released. Their name and email address is stored in my license database, so they will just need to enter those in the license window in version 2 to add their license.

I'll probably keep the set-your-own price thing during the beta testing of version 2, but will settle on a fixed price by the general release. I'm using feedback now and during the beta cycle to help decide on a price, but I'm currently thinking of around $24.

But anyone who pays less than that now will still get a full paid license, as thanks for donating early.