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Hi there,

Im guessing this is a common question and discussed else where, but i must ask as i am soooo curious!!!

Is there a future release date for TIME OUT 2 ??( snow leopard compatible)
If not when do you envision its release? Specific?

In dire need for TM2,


oh and as a TMv2 inclusion request:
can you include a network connection disabler as seen within the app FREEDOM 1.5.2? With a countdown timer?
Very helpful,

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Time Out 2 is an elusive beast... I started designing it about three years ago, and started work on it about a year and a half ago, but then got distracted by iPhone and (lately) iPad app development. But, I'm getting very close to working on it again. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on Tweeps for iPad, then in June I'll be working on Simon 2.6... then from July to September (by my current estimates) I'll be working on Time Out 2, at last!

So it'll be available as a beta release sometime in Q3 this year, with a general release in Q4. Which is a while away, yes, but good things take time!

Of course, all that is subject to change (and has changed before), but it's where things stand right now.

I do apologize for the delay, though. It would have been done a year ago if I hadn't been distracted by the new shiny.

As for a network disabling feature, Time Out 2 will have custom break notifications, so that might be an option, or you (or someone) could write a script to do so. (Though you could write a script for the current version of Time Out, too.)


I'm very glad to hear you are still working on this. I hope v2 comes out sooner rather than later; it's been a frustrating couple of years.

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I'm sorry about the delays; it's been frustrating for me, too. But I have only so much time available, and priorities can change. The dangers of pre-announcing upgrades, I guess.