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Overlay is opaque if fade-in/fade-out set to 0

There's a small bug with the fade-in/fade-out timers and transparency. If you should set the fade-in and fade-out times to 0 (on either regular or micro breaks), the transparency of the overlay is completely opaque. Set either fade-in or fade-out to 1 second or more, and the transparency works as set.

I stumbled across this while I was trying to resolve an issue where the fade was performing poorly because one of my monitors is connected to a non-hardware-accelerated video port (I use a DisplayLink device over USB to get a third monitor on my Mac). In my case, I wanted the overlay but decided to forgo the fade-in time since it didn't perform well (understandably). However, I lose the transparency in this case.

This is reproducible on both a 13" MBP with a 9400m and a 15" MBP with a 9600m, both running 10.6.7.

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Re: Overlay is opaque if fade-in/fade-out set to 0

Thanks for spotting that. Yes, I can confirm this too. A fade-in of zero is pretty unusual, which is perhaps why nobody has noticed it till now.

I'm planning on changing the way breaks start in version 2 (more versatile options), so it's likely this issue will go away then. I'm not sure if there will be any further updates before version 2, but if there are, I'll see if I can address this in that.

Re: Overlay is opaque if fade-in/fade-out set to 0

Much appreciated if you happen to have time to fix it. If not, version 2 it is!