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Feature Request: hyperbolic fade in/out progress instead of linear

I wish that Time Out would accelerate the Fade in/out progress half way through it.

I particularly find it a little annoying when Time Out fades in to the level I cannot continue working, but I still have to wait half of the preset fade in time to be able to press the Skip Break button.

Another option would be to show the Skip Break menus when Fade In/Out commences.

I will double my donation if this feature is added ;)

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Re: Feature Request: hyperbolic fade in/out progress instead ...

I am thinking about showing the controls during the fade-in in version 2, though I'm not sure that's a good idea. There will also be a system menu that will enable you to skip from there during fade-in.

Making the transition nonlinear is a good idea, though.

In the meantime, you could always make the fade-in interval shorter. Or get in the habit of taking breaks. :)