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Unable to support TimeOut

I've been unable to pay to support TimeOut. When I click 'buy' on one of the payment options in the app, it tells me 'Your account is not valid for use in the Ecuadorian store. You must switch to the UK store before purchasing.' (I am not actually in Ecuador, but was for a few weeks; I'm now in the US but don't live here.). It gives me the option the change stores, which I click, but it then just flips back to the app and says 'unable to purchase at this time'.

I've checked my app store settings and it is set the the UK store, as it should be.

Any ideas?

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Re: Unable to support TimeOut

I haven't encountered that before. Since you confirmed your App Store settings, I'm not sure what the issue might be.

As an alternative, you can purchase via this website. You can then restore your purchase in either edition of the app.

Re: Unable to support TimeOut

I hit a similar (possibly the same) problem. My Apple ID is set to the UK iTunes store, similar to OP. I am currently in the US (and using a machine I never used the App Store with). I logged into the App Store to download and support the application on a machine that has a fresh / never used App Store. I believe I followed a link from your website to open Time Out in the App Store (perhaps the link contains us or default country, I believe similar happens).

I then downloaded Time Out from the store, and then tried to support the app and faced the same screen about UK/US App Store inconsistency. I wonder if its possible that downloading an app from the US Mac App Store (such as if I followed a link to specific store) would be possible when signed in from an account tied to another country store. Perhaps the validation/forced App Store country is only at the purchasing level (as I installed Time Out application which is free, I don't need to verify country for tax/payment purposes). Perhaps when trying to support the application it would attempt to in-app purchase via the MAS API. MAS sees that the users store is a different country than the application was installed with, the information about the original store is probably stored in the MASReceipt.

No problem though, I ended up supporting Time Out from the other version available outside of the Mac app store. (supports you better than those App Store fees so probably for the best ;) )

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Re: Unable to support TimeOut

Thanks for the info. The Mac App Store link at the bottom of the Time Out product page doesn't include a country, so should work in any store. But the App Store might geo-locate you to the US, causing the difficulty with your Apple ID.

But yes, purchasing directly from the Dejal site avoids that issue, and gives me a bit more money, so thank you for that.