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Feature Request: Separate configuration and usage state


I was looking into syncing my configuration for Time Out across machines (I just commit the file to my dot files git repository). I noticed that the configuration files are in JSON form (for example `/Users/kyle/Library/Group Containers/6Z7QW53WB6.com.dejal.timeout/Breaks/Break.tobreak`), I saw inside them that the file contains both the configuration and the usage specific data like `totalDoneCount`, `lastStarted`, etc state is included in the configuration.

Unfortunately due to this the configuration is constantly changing with usage information so it isn't easily syncable between machines.

It would be great if the configuration itself was separated from constant changing state required for other functionality in the application to work. That way the configuration is sharable.

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Re: Feature Request: Separate configuration and usage state

I have plans to implement an iCloud sync in a future version, that will keep multiple copies of Time Out in sync better than just copying their configurations.

But yes, as the state properties have grown, I have thought that it'd be better to split those out to a separate data file. Since you've asked for it, I've bumped it up my priority queue. No promises, but I'll consider that for upcoming releases.