Fraud explosion

Recently I have suffered a spate of fraudulent purchases via the PayPal Store. I'm not sure why, but some scammer appears to have acquired credit card information for a number of people, all with non-US addresses so far, and is using it to buy some of my apps via PayPal.

This is of course really bad for those people; nobody likes having their credit cards compromised. But it's doubly bad for me, as the rightful owners inevitably query their credit card companies about the unexpected transactions, who in turn notify PayPal of a "chargeback", who then notify me. Since I ship virtual goods (a software license), PayPal doesn't guarantee the transactions, and thus not only does the payment get reversed, I have to eat the $20 chargeback fee, too. So each time this occurs, I lose money. That quickly adds up to hundreds of dollars.

This doesn't seem fair to me, since PayPal is supposed to be authenticating the customers via their shopping cart. But of course they don't want to accept the fee.

In an attempt to stem this hemorrhaging, I have now disabled PayPal purchases from non-US accounts, among other filters. I know that this will cause inconvenience for legitimate buyers too, for which I am sorry, though I support FastSpring and other payment options. If you attempt to buy a Dejal product and are unable to do so, please let me know.

Hopefully with these changes the scammer will give up and move on, and I'll be able to relax the restrictions a bit in due course. I want to be able to offer many ways to buy my apps, so people can use their preferred method. It's unfortunate when some criminal makes things worse for everybody.