Time Out 2.8b2 released

Here's a second beta release of an update to Time Out, my popular break reminder app for macOS!

I don't plan on adding any more features for this update, so please help me test this new version.

This second beta includes some exciting improvements:

New option to end a break early

  • Added a checkbox and interval picker to the Break Appearance page, to show a button to end the break early.
  • If checked, at the specified interval after a break starts, a End Break Early button will appear in the control panel, enabling stopping the break.
  • This is different than the Skip Break button, as it counts the break as done successfully; a distinction that matters if you care about the break statistics.
  • The interval defaults to halfway through the break duration, but the amount and units can be changed as desired.
  • When the End Break Early button appears, the Postpone and/or Skip buttons are hidden.
  • Another use case is to set a long break duration, e.g. half an hour, but allow ending the break after a few minutes, to have variable-length breaks.

New option to postpone breaks for app exclusions

  • Added a pop-up menu at the top of the Exclusions page to choose to postpone due breaks if an app exclusion applies when due, instead of skipping it.
  • If one of the postpone intervals is chosen, when a break is due to start, and one of the specified apps is open or frontmost, the break will be rescheduled by the specified number of minutes.
  • This was a popular request for people on Zoom meetings, to ensure they get their break soon after the meeting is over.
  • The breaks will continue to be postponed until the exclusion no longer applies.
  • Also renamed the When Open and When Frontmost options to be more compact, both to show more of the app paths, and because Skip When Open doesn't make sense with a postpone option.

Other changes

  • Added a LCD Digital Clock theme, that shows a nice old-school LCD-like digital clock.
  • When changing a break to start from fixed time on the Break Schedule page, the natural break option is changed to Continue Countdown, to avoid it drifting (you can change it back if you don't mind that, but it's a common support question).
  • Fixed the screen fading when using the Ask When to Start schedule option with the None theme.
  • Also fixed handling of Break Actions when Ask When to Start is used.
  • Improved the layout of the Break Actions to avoid occasional drawing anomalies.
  • The status window can now be displayed in all macOS Spaces, and the preferences window will move to the active Space when displayed.
  • Added a check that the timers are still working, to diagnose an issue that one person reported.
  • Fixed the Spotlight keywords of the app to use an array instead of a comma-separated string.

Want to try it?

If you are using the direct edition, you can change your Updates preferences to include beta releases, then use the Check for Updates feature in the app to update.

Otherwise, download the beta now!