DejalNews #82: Time Out 2.8 and Simon 5.0 released

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DejalNews 2021-06, issue #82


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Time Out 2.8.1

Time Out version 2.8 was recently released, with a quick 2.8.1 update for one issue.

This update features several great enhancements, including a new option to end a break early, the ability to postpone breaks instead of skip them with app exclusions, support for Do Not Disturb for exclusions, a choice to show the time since the last break in the status item (instead of a countdown to the next one), support controlling the app via URL schemes, a new LCD Digital Clock theme, and much more.

Read the blog post for more information on Time Out 2.8.

Simon 5.0

A major upgrade to Simon, my website and server monitoring tool, is now also available. Version 5 includes a much-requested feature: syncing the Simon data between multiple Macs! Tests and other data can be viewed and edited on any of your Macs, and checked on a specific Mac, plus notifiers can be performed on any of the Macs, even a different one than did the check. For example, have a Mac in a data center do a check, and play a sound or speak some text on the Mac on your desk if it fails or changes.

Version 5 has lots of other improvements, including the ability to check if other synced copies of Simon are still working, a new Link Checker filter, to validate all links on a web page, a Server Result filter, to easily check result codes, an iMessage notifier, to send a message, a new Speak Error notifier, a completely new app icon, and more improvements.

Note that Simon 5 is a paid upgrade. Anyone who buys now or since September 1, 2020 will automatically get version 5.

Read the Simon 5.0 blog post to see the new icon, screenshots, and more information about the many improvements.


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- David