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Pause Breaks from Menu Bar

My wish is a bit similar to the one of the ’”Pause Breaks” visual’ post.

But I am no great Dock-fan.
Instead, I’d like to be able to add a pause on/off button to my Menu Bar.

There is a great little app called Caffeine, which lets you turn off/on screen ”blackouts” with a single click.
Check it out on http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/24120
This is what I want for my Time Out pauses too.

(BTW, if you make the next version of Time Out Leopard-only, you’ll cut off 90 % of your current users. Do you really expect that everyone wants to buy Leopard/can afford it? Sounds like you’ve been paid by Apple!)

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Re: Pause Breaks from Menu Bar

Time Out 2 will feature a system menu with commands to pause etc, and won't require the application in the Dock.

But yes, Time Out 2 will require Leopard as a minimum. I certainly don't want to exclude too many people from new releases (which is why I've maintained 10.3.9 compatibility all this time). I carefully considered the various factors, and I do think that this is the correct decision (and I pay Apple, not the other way around, unfortunately!). Rest assured that version 1.5.x will continue to be available for people who aren't ready to upgrade.

As for those factors... that sounds like a good blog topic, since I'm sure it is a concern for many people.

1.5.x (Re: Pause Breaks from Menu Bar)

Very well.

Will you please add a Menu Bar button to the next 1.5 update, then?

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Re: 1.5.x

I don't like to use absolutes, but at this point I do not have any plans to add that feature to version 1.

Sorry that this isn't the answer you'd like, but I'm not going try to mislead you or raise false hopes.