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My Mac sleeps so hard Time Out won’t wake it…

I have a MacBook.
Whenever I leave it for a couple of minutes, the computer starts ”sleeping”. (Sure, that’s the way it is, unless I fool the system with Caffeine.)

The problem is when I leave my mac during a long (10 min) Time Out break. Sometimes Time Out does play the sound I’ve set it to play after those 10 min. Most often, however, my Mac sleeps so hard that nothing happens. I have to guess when 10 min have passed, and reactivate the system by moving my mouse. THEN the sound starts playing, even if the actual pause has lasted half an hour.

I guess this problem is familiar to you?

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Re: My Mac sleeps so hard Time Out won’t wake it…

It sounds like when you say "sleep" you actually mean that the screensaver activates.

What I would guess is happening is that Time Out starts a break before the screensaver activates, then the screensaver blocks the end of the break till it is deactivated. I'm not sure how or why it would do that, though. Also, your delay till screensaver activation must be fairly short -- shorter than the break.

No, it ain’t the screensaver…

My screen just turns black after I while. I thought every portable mac did this…
(This has nothing to do with my screensaver, which starts after 17 min.)

It’s just that after a couple of minutes my mac enters a kind of ”hibernation” or ”deep sleep” mode, which seems to block Time Out.

BTW (No, it ain’t the screensaver…)

A similar thing happens when I close my lid.
When I reopen it, Time Out just continues where it left, without minding the actual lapse of time. (My Menu Bar clock has no problem with this.)

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Re: No, it ain’t the screensaver…

Ah, so it is actual sleep. Sorry, it wasn't entirely clear from the context.

Yes, Time Out (and all other applications) are suspended during sleep. They resume after the computer is woken up again, by pressing a key or opening the lid. So when it wakes, Time Out sees that the timer has expired while it was asleep, and ends the break.

If you want to avoid this, you should adjust your Energy Saver system preferences to increase the time interval till sleep.


Thank you for the information! Hopefully it’ll run smoothly now.

alternate solution

another solution to this could be that timeout could be altered to begin breaks at absolute times according to the system clock and end breaks using the same method. would that be far too difficult to implement, since the current code of timeout is based on a different system?

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Re: alternate solution

The breaks are scheduled at absolute clock times, with a repeating timer that "fires" at the specified interval. If you enable the new hidden DebugScheduler preference, you can see the times in the Console log.

Time Out 2 will re-engineer the scheduling mechanism, and will allow more flexible timing options, including fixed-time breaks.

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