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You deserve a break

Green is not a very relaxing color!

I'll say it again here: green makes me anxious.
Please make it possible to choose a color for the icon and the break screen.
Thx for an otherwise great programm.

PS: could it be that breaks don't aquire focus if the program is hidden? I use a program called 'Isolator' which hides all but the active windows...

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Re: Green is not a very relaxing color!

Interesting... I find green the most relaxing color. I guess it's a personal preference thing, or maybe different countries or cultures could have different associations.

Time Out 2 won't require the icon in the Dock, so it shouldn't bother you then... and the break contents will be customizable.

Time Out doesn't acquire focus unless you click during the break. That is a feature that lets you keep typing to finish your thought as the break starts (version 2 will make that optional).

agreed: hiding shouldn't keep the breaks from working

I was going to disagree with this request. I have sometimes hidden time out for the very purpose of temporarily avoiding the breaks. Why else, I was going to ask, would you hide it? Then I remembered the times I had noticed, hey, shouldn't time out have made me take a break, like, an hour ago? and it had been absent-mindedly hidden because I had hit ⌥⌘h to hide all apps (besides the one in focus).

So I agree after all. I mean, if you want to stop the breaks from happening, you can pause them. or quit the app. hiding it is completely unnecessary. In fact I see no point in being able to hide it at all. Maybe it should just not be able to be hidden.

Would that be feasible? Or is there some other way to avoid the situation? Otherwise, time out users will have to not use ⌥⌘h (or remember to unhide Time Out every time they do use that shortcut), which would be kinda sad.

(PS. I wouldn't want to bypass this problem by making Time Out acquire focus during breaks. The fact that it doesn't is one of the best things about it. It is very disruptive not to be able to finish your thought when you are typing, just because it's time for a break. It's already bad enough to be unable to click through.)

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Re: agreed: hiding shouldn't keep the breaks from working

Thanks for chiming in. When Time Out 2 uses a background helper to run breaks, hiding the Time Out app won't affect breaks. So that'll solve that issue.