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Web page clippings from Firefox

When trying to clip an area of a web page in Firefox, the two items in the Services menu Cabooble submenu are grayed out and there is no contextual menu option. Copying and pasting or dragging into Cabooble will copy the text but not the links. The Services menu works fine with Safari, but there still isn't a contexual menu item.

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Re: Web page clippings from Firefox

I'm not sure if it still is, but Firefox used to be based on the Carbon frameworks, which doesn't natively support the Services menus. Perhaps a newer version of Firefox might be better, I don't know.

Contextual menus are unrelated to the Services menu; Caboodle doesn't add a contextual menu option. I might consider that in the future, but it's a bit of a hack.

Firefox doesn't support

Firefox doesn't support Cocoa, hence the problem. I've encountered exactly the same issue with DevonThink. Workaround is the obvious...use a browser which does, such as Safari.