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Undo Issues

Undo seems to be broken in Caboodle, at least for me. The Undo menu item is still there, and when I press Command-Z it lights up as if activating, but nothing ever gets undone. This occurs both using the keyboard shortcut and the menu item.

Seems like a major enough error that perhaps something with my particular install has gone wonky, but thought I would float this out there to see if anybody else had a similar experience.

This is particular vexing for me as I'm still struggling with the text field "automatically turn everything into a numbered list "feature"" (which from previous discussions seems more Cocoa-based and not Caboodle-based). So when the application spontaneously converts by 50 line entry into a numbered list, I can't use Undo to cancel this behavior, and need to remove the numbering from every line one by one.


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Re: Undo Issues

The Undo function is limited to editing the entry text currently, but I'm not aware of any issues with it. Make sure the rich text area is active, rather than a field or the entries list.

If you just upgraded to Mac OS X 10.5.8 (released in the last day or two), it's possible that broke something, but I wouldn't expect so.

Nevermind - I just

Nevermind - I just re-downloaded the application and Undo works fine now.

Sorry for the false alarm,