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Who needs Caboodle 1.3.4?

The blurb for 1.3.4 says that it is for people using Snow Leopard (MacOSX 10.6) which only is necessary for Intel Macs. I use Tiger (MacOSX 10.411) on my PPC G5. Do I need to upgrade to Caboodle 1.3.4?

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Caboodle 1.3.3 is the latest

Caboodle 1.3.3 is the latest version. Yes, it includes Snow Leopard compatibility fixes, so if you're still on Tiger, you don't need to update. Though I do recommend that everyone keeps up-to-date as a general policy.

Caboodle number confusion

Oops -- I was confusing your Caboodle 1.3.3 upgrade window with the numbering system on my Firefox upgrade window.