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Two questions

1) Every time I add text to Caboodle it appears with a Font too small to read and I have to enlarge it. Is there a way to make all text default to a 12 point font?

2) I've downloaded the lastest Version (1.3.6) every time it asks me to (and it keeps asking me to) and yet when it loads every day it does not load the latest version. I'm afraid to delete any version so what do I do?

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Re: Two questions

1) Others have asked for a default font preference, so I'll probably add that in a future version. But in the meantime, if you click on another entry before adding a new one, the new one will inherit the font settings from that entry (along with custom fields and icon).

2) Sounds like you haven't installed the new version in the right place. Ctrl-click on the Dock icon and choose "Show in Finder" to reveal where the running copy is located, then quit Caboodle and replace that with the downloaded copy (from your Downloads folder).

I plan to add an auto-updater in a future version, too, to make updating easier.

Re: Two questions

David, thanks so much for your answer! I'll go follow your instructions. And that default font preference upgrade and I'll be your friend forever. :)