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Code signing in Console.app

I keep getting errors like this

21/2/12 10:22:36.000 AM kernel: CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page(0x1000): p=457[Time Out Break] clearing CS_VALID

in Console.app. They happen when the time outs should kick in. Are they normal? Should I worry?

Bonus question: how long till TO 2.0? Need any β testers?

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Re: Code signing in Console.app

I suspect that is due to the break helper not being code-signed when the main app is. I will investigate this today, but it isn't something you need to be concerned about.

I'm still working on prerequisite functionality for Time Out 2, though other projects are taking a good deal of my time. I hope to have a beta available in a few months time, but it's hard to pin it down at this stage, with all the other work going on. I can add you to a list to be informed when a beta (or in fact alpha) is available; contact me privately for details. (Anyone else who is interested is welcome to do so too.)