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Constant log noise

Similar to this item here http://www.dejal.com/forums/2012/09/30/latest-version-filling-logs?desti... I am seeing two log messages every 10 seconds telling me that:

2/06/2014 3:34:56.955 pm com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[277]: (com.dejal.timeout.launcher) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds
2/06/2014 3:35:06.965 pm com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[277]: (com.dejal.timeout.launcher[511]) Exited with code: 1

As suggested in that other post, I have uninstalled TimeOut, then rebooted my machine.

But these log entries are still appearing!

I am very confused as to how this can happen - can you help?

Re: Constant log noise

I've tried further to stop this, but no joy.

Searched for all dejal files and found com.dejal.timout.launcher and others, so deleted all these too.

Rebooted again but the log is still filling up with these entries.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Re: Constant log noise

Launch Time Out and turn off the preference to start it on login. That might stop those messages, since the launcher is simply a helper to provide that functionality.

Re: Constant log noise

Thanks for the feedback, however as I said in my original post I'd already uninstalled Time Out so launching it wasn't an option. Uninstalling didn't stop the messages.

It seems that after using Finder to search for associated files, there were still some hidden away. I used EasyFind to repeat the search, deleted everything it discovered and the problem went away.