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feature request: "postpone"/"skip" keyboard shortcut


Thanks for the helpful app. Works great. One feature I'd love to see is a keyboard shortcut to postpone (or perhaps skip) a break.

With some RSI issues, I try to work from the keyboard as much as possible and avoid the trackpad on my MBP when I can. Sometimes when giving a walkthrough of something, paired coding, or having time-sensitive things happen in applications I don't want to exclude completely (debugging in the browser, needing to quickly stop something going wrong in a terminal session, etc.), I need to stop the break quickly. Navigating with the trackpad to find a button can be tricky to do fast enough.

I tried to script a way to click the buttons a while back, but it wasn't working with the Time Out overlay. If there was a built-in key combo (cmd-p or just hitting Esc, maybe?), I'd find that hugely helpful. (I guess a potential stopgap might be the ability to use very large buttons to make it easier for RSI'd hands to do this quickly?)

Anyway, thanks again for your work,

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Re: feature request: "postpone"/"skip" keyboard shortcut

Hi Brian,

Firstly, Time Out 2 will enable you to postpone or skip while the break fades in, instead of having to wait for it to start.

But yes, I would like to add a global keyboard shortcut to postpone or skip breaks, and perhaps start them at any time. That isn't in version 2 yet, but I hope to add it before release.

Thanks for the feature request!

Re: feature request: "postpone"/"skip" keyboard shortcut

yes, shortcut key will be very helpful!