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accessibility message OSX iMac

Since downloading the new version of timeout every time I log into my computer I get a message asking me to allow Timeout to control the accessibility features of my computer.

When I choose deny and remove the app from the accessibility menu within system preferences it reoccurs overtime I log on.

Please advise as I don't want to have to stop using the app but will delete if I have to go through this process every time I log on.

Love the app.

Many thanks

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Re: accessibility message OSX iMac

Sorry for the hassle. I recommend that you allow the accessibility request. That will enable Time Out to detect when you aren't using your keyboard. Don't worry, it doesn't look at what you actually type; it just want to know that the keyboard is being used, like with the mouse or trackpad, so it can detect natural breaks.

In the next version I'll avoid requesting access if you disable it or use a different idle detector. Until then, it'll prompt on each launch until you allow it.