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Why it counts when display is off?

I've set a brake for 5 minutes every 60 minutes (settings in attachment). After a while a break starts (5 min). I left mac, then i return back after 15 minutes (for example). Unlock. And i see 45 minutes to the next break instead of 60. And i need to click "Start" then "Skip" break to reset counter.

So the question here why it counts when display is off or mac is locked? Is it possible to avoid "Start" "Skip" clicking? Because its not quite comfortable...

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Re: Why it counts when display is off?

The reason the break countdown continues while your Mac is idle is you have the natural break set to Continue Countdown. Change it to Pause Countdown or Count Backwards to allow for the idle time.

Also, an easier way to reset the breaks is to choose the Reset All Breaks command from the action (cog) menu, or from the File menu if you have the icon shown in the Dock (and thus a menubar).

Re: Why it counts when display is off?

thanks. I know about Pause Countdown or Count Backwards options. But when i choose one of them the following problem occurs.
I read some text or watch video, 1 min, 2 ... 20 ... 30. Pointer idle. Somewhere in the middle app starts counting back or just pause counter. But my eyes still "working" and a break should be after 60 minutes even if i read or watch. But not after video length + 60 minutes.
Thats why i can't use neither Continue Countdown nor Pause Countdown/Count Backwards option to fully satisfy my needs.
If you could make some changes to app algorithms according to all described above it will be great. If no... OK, thanks for the app anyway.

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Re: Why it counts when display is off?

Maybe the Reset After Duration option would be a better fit for what you want? That will reset the due time after idle for the duration of the break (5 minutes in this case).

One of the changes that I'm working on for version 2.1 is the ability to set a custom interval for this -- so instead of resetting after the duration of the break, it'll reset after an amount of time that you specify (which might default to the duration).