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Exclusion based on connected projector/external display?

It would be really ace to be able to inhibit breaks when certain external displays (or types of external displays) are connected. The use case is when I'm teaching a class; I'll connect my macbook to a projector, and don't want the break to appear. Having said that, I use an external monitor for normal work, so I still want breaks to appear when connected to that one. It should be possible to query the ID of the connected display to work this out.

For bonus points: prevent the computer from going to sleep when certain types of displays are connected. I'd pay money for an app that does just this.

Re: Exclusion based on connected projector/external display?

I guess this might be possible using ControlPlane to start/quit a dummy app when a particular monitor is detected, and TimeOut has that app in exclusions. A bit of a hack, but if it works...

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Re: Exclusion based on connected projector/external display?

I have had a few requests for an exclusion based on external displays (thinking of projectors in particular), so this is definitely on my list of things to consider for future versions. I have some notes on how I could do it.

Your possible workaround could be feasible in the meantime, if it works.

You could probably even do something via a script executed by Time Out before a break is due. For example, the Terminal command system_profiler SPDisplaysDataType will output information about the attached screens; if you're handy with AppleScript or shell scripting, you could write a script to look for your projector in that output, and launch a dummy app if found, or quit the dummy app if not.