2.0 (2020)

Weird smiley face icon

This is probably a matter of opinion, and not a functional issue.

The break icon, the 2 palm trees and hammock, looks like a weird smiley face to me. Not sure if it was intended that way, but I can't see it any other way once I noticed it!
I would be nice to see a relaxing icon as I see it 30 times a day.

Can you add some other icons to choose from in the appearance options?


Break controls multi monitor window placement

Great new version thanks.

I have 3 monitors and have set the appearance on screen option to my centre monitor. The tree/hammock icon appears on the centre screen, but the break controls appear on what ever screen has the active menubar, I would expect the break controls should be fixed to the centre monitor as configure.


Preventing natural breaks


My work involves a lot of reading, so the software is constantly saying I'm taking a 'natural break' when I am not. How do I turn off this feature, so my breaks are at more realistic intervals? Thanks.

Feature request: URL exclusion

Good day!
I appreciate the feature of application exclusion, e.g. when I'm watching movies. But the most problematic issue for me is when I'm in videoconference on hangouts. The application is my browser (Chrome), and I would not want to exclude TimeOut on all browser usage; but I'd like to exclude TimeOut when I'm on the Hangout site. (NetFlix users will want something similar.) I realize that the natural breaks will often save me in videoconference, but not always: I may also be screen sharing, chatting information, etc. (Detecting a screen share would be nice, but I do not know if it's possible. I know detecting URLs is possible, I've seen it in Concentrate. Probably difficult, I realize...)
Anyhow, otherwise thank you for a great product!

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