Older News from 2006

This is an archive of older "Recent News" items from the year 2006. Visit the Dejal Blog page for the latest news.

- 2006-12-27: Simon 2.2c7 released:
Last release for 2006! The general release is expected next week.
- 2006-12-14: Simon 2.2c6 released:
Some more fixes... getting very close to the general release.
- 2006-12-10: Introducing Dejal blog and forums!:
I have just added a new Dejal blog and forums on a new web server. I will be migrating content to the new server over the next few months, but for now the appearance is a bit different. Check it out!
- 2006-12-06: Simon 2.2c5 released:
Renamed the new DNS service as Specific DNS, added a MySQL notifier, and more tweaks.
- 2006-11-30: Simon 2.2c4 released:
Okay, some issues came up... plus a new MySQL service!
- 2006-11-27: Simon 2.2c3 released:
Probably the last general candidate release. Includes some important fixes. Unless any new issues come up, we're good to go for the general release!
- 2006-11-23: Simon 2.2c2 released:
A quick update to fix an important issue, plus a bonus new feature - no UI changes, so it snuck in. :) Happy Thanksgiving!
- 2006-11-20: Simon 2.2c1 released:
This is a general candidate release. The features for version 2.2 are now frozen. This version enhances the Monitor window appearance, adds an Arbitrary DNS service, a Growl notifier, and more.
- 2006-10-16: Simon 2.2b4 released:
This beta release adds a powerful new Script service feature, allowing easy creation of new services.
- 2006-09-17: DejalNews 2006-09 is now out:
Dejal turns 15! Celebrate with discounts on all products. Want a Dejal blog/forums? Plus an update on recent releases.
- 2006-09-11: Simon 2.2b3 released:
This beta release enhances the Web (HTTP) service with POST and other methods, parameters, cookies, and more.
- 2006-08-02: Simon 2.2b2 released:
Another beta release; fixes some bugs with the first beta.
- 2006-07-27: Simon 2.2b1 released:
This beta release includes a new Setup Assistant, https support, and is a Universal Binary.
- 2006-07-17: BlogAssist 2.0 released:
The major upgrade of BlogAssist is now in general release!
- 2006-06-27: BlogAssist 2.0c1 released:
Announcing the first general candidate release of BlogAssist. This version adds a preference for the menu icon color, a new assistant, some new operations, and more.
- 2006-06-26: Caboodle 1.0 released:
Introducing Caboodle 1.0, the long-awaited initial general release of our popular snippet keeper application.
- 2006-06-05: Caboodle 1.0c1 released:
Announcing the first general candidate release of Caboodle. This version has several much-requested improvements, including dragging attachments out of entries, encryption, and more.
- 2006-05-08: BlogAssist 2.0b2 released:
This beta release includes a new floating window as an alternative way to add HTML formatting: just drag text to the window, choose the operation, and drag out again.
- 2006-04-22: Time Out! 1.4.1 released:
This bug fix release fixes a crasher with playing sounds that affected a few users.
- 2006-04-12: Macfilink 1.3 released:
This update has some minor improvements and fixes.
- 2006-04-10: Caboodle 1.0b4 released:
This new beta release includes several appearance changes, search improvements, and more.
- 2006-02-28: Time Out! 1.4 released:
Time Out! version 1.4 is now in general release.
- 2006-02-13: Time Out! 1.4b2 released:
Reorganized the Preferences, added separate idle reset interval, appearance (color and transparency), start and end sounds, and start and end scripts for each break type, and more.
- 2006-02-13: Macfilink 1.2 released:
Announcing a new release of Macfilink, the affiliate link cloaker - an essential tool for anyone who earns income from affiliate website links.
- 2006-02-09: Simon reviewed in March 2006 issue of Macworld:
"Simon 2.1 is a feature-rich tool that's ideal for Webmasters who need to monitor a variety of Internet services." (read review)
- 2006-01-30: Time Out! 1.4b1 released:
This new version adds AppleScript etc Run preferences, Notify at start of breaks, pause/reset breaks, and more.
- 2006-01-27: Macfilink 1.2b1 released:
Announcing a new release of Macfilink, the affiliate link cloaker - an essential tool for anyone who earns income from affiliate website links.
- 2006-01-25: QuickEncrypt 4.0 released:
QuickEncrypt 4 is now in general release.
- 2006-01-25: BlogAssist 2.0b1 released:
First beta of an upgrade to BlogAssist. Introduces improved Check for Updates feature that will be rolled out to all my other apps, among other changes.
- 2006-01-19: Simon 2.1.1 released:
This is a bug fix release, with some important fixes for version 2.1.
- 2006-01-09: Dejal first JoyPixels!:
Dejal was the first participant in Geek Culture's JoyPixels promotion on the Joy of Tech comic page. Read Joy of Tech for amusing Mac-focussed tech humor!
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