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New/Edit Service > Service Kind > Web Plug-in

This is the view for the Web (HTTP) and FTP plug-ins. This is displayed when you choose Web (HTTP) or FTP in the Service Kind pop-up menu in the New / Edit Service window.

This plug-in is used by the default Web (HTTP) and FTP services. It will check a website or FTP site for changes or failures.

Default protocol: Select the protocol for the service: http://, https://, feed://, ftp://, or file://. Entering a URL without the protocol (e.g. "" or even just "dejal") will use this protocol by default.

Default URL: If you want each new HTTP or FTP service to specify a URL by default, enter it here. Otherwise, it'll be blank. Normally you'd leave the default blank.

Automatically add www. and .com if omitted: If this is checked, and a URL is entered in the [Edit Test] window without a top-level domain, "www." and ".com" are wrapped around the name. For example, entering "apple" will result in "". This is enabled by default; uncheck it if you don't want this auto-completion feature.

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