Time Out User Guide


This guide is for version 1; for version 2, see the updated help book.


Welcome to the Time Out User Guide!

Time Out is very intuitive, so you can probably find out everything you need to know just by using and exploring the application. But if you prefer to read up about software before using it, or would like more information about some aspect, this Guide is here to help. If you find something that needs clarification, please let us know so we can improve the application and/or User Guide.

You can go to this User Guide directly from within the application by selecting the User Guide item from the Help menu or by pressing ?, or you can go directly to the page discussing a given window by clicking the button in that window.

This User Guide is hosted online so that it can be kept up-to-date. It can be accessed via any web browser.

We hope that you enjoy using Time Out. If you have any suggestions for features or other feedback, please contact us.

To get started, go to the User Guide Contents and choose a topic.

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