Screensaver Interlude

Suggestion for upcoming release:

Instead of 'colorizing' the screen (which is nice) allow the user to specify a photograph to come up on the screen (along with the opacity). For example, I'd probably pick one of the ocean landscapes I use on my screensaver. That's a nice time out-thinking about the Carribbean!


Reset times shorter than 1 minute

It would be helpful to have "reset break timer" times that are shorter than a minute, especially for the micro break timer. I take 15 second micro-breaks, so 15 seconds idle in the middle of a period should reset the timer. The (simple) solution is to use a "seconds" slider for the micro-break "reset if idle" option rather than the current "minutes" slider.

I'm hoping this is a very minor code change that could perhaps be done before version 2.

Time left till a time out

I'd love to have a little timer to see how much time I have left till a break. Sometimes it the insentive to finish something.


Synch two computers

I have two computers at my desk.

I'd like Time Out to be aware of my usage/non-usage of both computers and synchronize breaks.

In the meantime, I'm strong enough to not just switch computers when a break comes.

Great life-changing program!

Music fade request

The screen fades so nicely, it would be lovely if the music selection would fade as well. Right now the screen fades out, and "wham" the music cuts off.
I've edited my own mp3s snippets with a fade at each end to match the screen fading, but it seems like this would be a fairly trivial thing to ad to the app, and would make TimeOut that much slicker.

Thanks for a great app. As a professional retoucher, I know this is saving my eyeballs!


"Pause Breaks" visual

It would be nice if the Dock Icon changed somehow when Pause Breaks was selected; for instance, change the color to orange or red, or put a red slash through the logo, or even superimpose the 'pause' symbol over the icon. Something to remind me to turn it back on, basically.

Also, could you add "pause/resume breaks" to the context menu from the Dock Icon?

(I'd love to see these tweaks in a non-Leopard requiring version; I don't upgrade for a few iterations, say 10.5.3 or so).

Feature suggestion: Configurable messages and images


Thanks so much for this great product! The breaks have helped me relax, stretch, and breathe over and over again when I used to get so very tense at the computer. Thank You!!!

I have a suggestion for your next release:

It would be nice to be able to customize the "Time Out", "Time out due now..." and "Back to work..." messages, as well as the images that appear. I would love to be shown images and messages that inspire me over and over.



End of break sound not working for me

When the "End of break" sound is set to anything other than "system beep", no sound is played at all. This happens for micro- and normal breaks, including when the break is triggered from the TimeOut menu.

I have a new Mac Pro with all current software updates.


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