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TimeOut + Time Machine = crash

It seems like if I start the Mac OS Time Machine application after TimeOut was called, the system
crashes. This happens even if I exit TimeOut before starting the Time Machine.

Timer not working without micro breaks

I've installed the latest version on a PPC machine running 10.4.11 and an Intel with 10.6.x. I set it to use only Normal breaks. No break reminders popped up. It seems to only work when I enable Micro breaks (with or without Normal breaks enabled). Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions?

Time Out does not properly detect inactivity

Time Out never resets the timer when I become inactive. I was away for an hour and came back and then I got a 10 minute break.

Overlay is opaque if fade-in/fade-out set to 0

There's a small bug with the fade-in/fade-out timers and transparency. If you should set the fade-in and fade-out times to 0 (on either regular or micro breaks), the transparency of the overlay is completely opaque. Set either fade-in or fade-out to 1 second or more, and the transparency works as set.

I stumbled across this while I was trying to resolve an issue where the fade was performing poorly because one of my monitors is connected to a non-hardware-accelerated video port (I use a DisplayLink device over USB to get a third monitor on my Mac). In my case, I wanted the overlay but decided to forgo the fade-in time since it didn't perform well (understandably). However, I lose the transparency in this case.

This is reproducible on both a 13" MBP with a 9400m and a 15" MBP with a 9600m, both running 10.6.7.

Deleting the Sound / Music File

How do you delete the sound/music File for a break. I can't delete it from the keyboard or find a menu.


2 new feature requests

Time Out is a fabulous app, and I had no problem donating to support it. I personally think it's worth between $10-15 (ie $12.95), but since it's been so useful and you really can't put a price on mental health, I rounded up (ie 14.95)

I see there are several features coming in V2.0 which will be nice, notably that Time Out will not need to be in the dock anymore. The two features I'd most like to see are:

1) When you select the application, the preferences pane would open immediately. As it stands, nothing happens. I'd guess that 98% of us are going to adjust something in the preference pane when we select Time Out. I have yet to select it for any other reason. Why make us go through the extra step of using the pull down menu and selecting preferences? It seems superfluous and annoying, at least to me.

2) Enable the sound/music file to pick randomly from an iTunes playlist. Currently I have established a "Time Out Tracks" playlist, and have to manually alter the song every time a time out occurs if I don't want to hear the same song over and over. It would be splendid if you could program Time Out to perform that function for me. I imagine it's possible, given how well most OSX applications play with each other.

Thanks again for writing this great app!

No quit option

I would like to add Time Out to our employees Macs. It would be great if there's an option where only the Admin can quit the program because a busy employee might be tempted to quit the app not to be distracted or to change the preferences. Thanks. Time Out is a brilliant idea.

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