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Is Timeout compatible with Lion 10.7.1?

hi All!

I was directed to this app by the Rebuild Your Vision course as a way to remind myself to rest my eyes during long periods of computer usage and it (Timeout) looks great!

Except! :-) Small problem, I can't seem to get it to work whatsoever! I'm probably missing something really simple but I just can't seem to get it to give me a break reminder. I've left the settings all at default, and tried to initiate both normal and micro breaks but nothing happens. I selected Timeout as a login item and restarted but it still doesn't do anything.

What am I missing? If I'm reading the release notes correctly it IS Lion compatible...? Is there something about 10.7.1 perhaps?

Longtime computer user and the app seems simple enough so I _think_ I'm using it correctly, just can't get it to ummm...do anything. :-) (Yes, I've read the Help pages.)

Thanks for any assistance! Would like to get it working, and look forward to the v.2.

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