2.1 (2024)

Pause countdown after break until there is activity (feature req)

I use TimeOut for automatic 25 minute "pomodoros".

I has "When taking a natural break (the Mac is idle)" as "Continue Countdown" and
"Reset this break after a natural break longer than" as "5 minutes"

This is great so when I leave the computer for less than 5 mins, or daydream for 3 minutes I still have a 25 minute pomodoro.

However when I take a 8 minute break and start working again, I see I have 22 minutes left from my pomodoro as the timer auto-started when the break ended.

What I'd like to see is some way to only auto-start the countdown when I get back to the computer after the break. Eg. an option for "When taking a natural break (the Mac is idle)" like "Continue Countdown, but Pause until first activity after break"

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