Feature request: random theme during normal breaks

Please consider an option for choosing the theme for long breaks randomly from the list. Will be much more entertaining.

Bug: Postpone time now capped in TimeOut 2.4

If you are breaking every 10 minutes, and setup a postpone for 30 minutes it seems to now be capped at 10 minutes. This was working fine in older versions.

Where is the BlogAssist data stored on my computer?

After doing a clean install of Yosemite I want to copy the BlogAssist data from my Mavericks-clone but I can not find them.

In this section of the user-guide (from 2006! - quite likely outdated)


we are pointed to "~/Library/Preferences/com.dejal.blogassist.plist", but there is no such file.

I don't want to lose all the modifications I have made through the years.

is BlogAssist 2.4 Mavericks compatible?

is BlogAssist 2.4 Mavericks compatible? is BlogAssist 2.4 Mavericks compatible?

No Notifiy Now... No nuthin

I'm having trouble troubleshooting an email notifier that uses SMTP transport. I have the Notifier forms filled out correctly (Identical to my gmail account in Mail App )

When I hit the "Notifiy Now" with the Notifier in question selected, Nothing happens. Nada. The "Notifiy Now" briefly changes to a darker color indicated it was clicked, but nothing happens. No email is sent / recieved. No error message.

(I'm doing this via VNC so I can't hear any alert sounds... )

I can send mail using SMTP using the mail app on the same account/ and port# on the same machine, same settings. Using the "automatic" setting on transport froze Simon twice with the "Notifiy Now" button in the darkened 'click' state

How can I figure out what is happening (or not happening ). Are 'Notify Now" attempts logged somewhere?



Super Smart Change Detection

I'm trying to monitor MySQL for restarts (to try and locate the cause of the instability). MySQL is running on OS X 10.4 Server and MySQL is dying but being relaunched before I can notice it's down. I can tell it's been down since the Uptime counter is reset, and the open files count, query cache efficiency, etc all drop.

Using the MySQL works service isn't enough to catch the culprit, since it normally jumps back into life before the next check.

So I thought of using the MySQL service and querying for the uptime counter (SHOW global status WHERE variable_name="Uptime"). But this changes every time I query it, so Smart Change Detection isn't quite going to work. And I can't find any way of doing some sort of IF statement in MySQL using the uptime value (IF value < 1000, "restarted", "OK").

What I'm looking for is Super Smart Change Detection. I only want to be notified if the length of the resulting string returned is less than a particular length (say if the uptime counter is less than 4 digits in length, then MySQL restarted less than 16.67 minutes ago), or even if the change detection could be informed that the result includes a counter, and if the counter is less than a particular value or if the counter decreases since last check, then that counts as a failure.

Any ideas on how I could approach this?

Is App running on a remote server

I want to know if it's possible to run the "Is App Running" test on another server not the host server where Simon resides?
Thank you

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