Date/Time problem in monitor

I have a strange problem in that the time shown in the monitor window under "Check Date" has always been wrong (5 hour fast - minutes are correct). My system clock is set correctly. I've looked but can't find anywhere to change it. What can I do?


If one notifier fails, run a different one on next check

Here's what I'm trying to do:
1. check server every 2 minutes
2. If fail, run 1st notifier (open page, bring to front).
3. If 1st check fails check again in 30 seconds.
4. If second check fails run different notifier (audio warning, send email).

Steps 1, 2 & 3 are easy. It's getting a different notifier to run if the site fails a second time that I don't know how to do.

Can this be done?

Thank for any help!

Notifications via Phone Call

I wish to have Simon make phone calls as only my cell phone receives SMS messages and it only makes a quick vibration and noise. I need full blown ringing so that it will wake me from sleep and keep making noise when I am away from the phone as when in the shower. Is there a way to do this via voip or something similar. I have Skype and Vonage, but would be willing to use any service that could do this.

Monitoring sites for malware infection

Several of my websites have been hacked in the recent past. I've cleaned them up, again, but one got listed as a malware site by Google (which I am also resolving).

There were 2 kinds of hack:

1. the first page (index.html or index.php) of multiple sites was replaced with a different page.

2. in the other hack a php file and a folder (called .files) were added to the site(s).

I'm working on preventing and/or detecting #2. I'm trying to use the ftp directory listing function of Simon and keep getting this message:

ftp -n karellescharff.com << EOF
user [Username] (password)
cd inspiringyourlife.com

Login incorrect.
Login failed.
Please login with USER and PASS
Please login with USER and PASS
Please login with USER and PASS
Please login with USER and PASS

I've tried the correct password and several others too.

Also I'm not sure I have the directory path correct. I host multiple domains so there is my domain and then the domain/website under it, like this:


There is no other folder (like public_html).

So the "domain" would be mydomain.com, and the directory path is herdomain.com?

The user is the same for both.

Dependencies for Tests

Another thing that I miss in Simon that WhistleBlower had is Dependencies for Tests; I think it would be a great feature for Simon (unless I'm missing something and it's already there).

The feature creates a dependency between Tests, so that if one Test has failed, other Tests that depend on it will pause themselves rather than report their own failures.

For example, I have a Test for a sync server by making sure that a port is open and responding correctly. There are a bunch of dependent tests that check the sync server's log to see if various users are syncing correctly. If the main port-based Test has failed, I don't want to get failures from all the other tests too: it's just noise at that point.

I think this could be implemented in the "Pause" section: in addition to the current schedule-based pauses, you could add a pause like "If Test has Failed", being able to choose another existing Test name, as well as an optional "Additional Delay After Recovery" in minutes. Whenever that other Test has failed, the current Test pauses itself. When the other Test recovers, then the current Test resumes, after the "Additional Delay After Recovery" time.

Run test once a day near a given time?

I've managed to replicate most of our old Whistleblower tests into Simon, so hopefully I can stop asking questions soon. The last thing I need to set up is to send a daily "status" e-mail report. In another thread you answered that I can do this with a Pulse Test.

I would like this to be sent at 6:00 am every morning. This allows staff response on arrival if Simon has detected a problem. While I don't see a way to specify 6:00 am exactly I think I can get close by running my pulse test every 5 minutes but pausing it for 23:55 a day between 6:05 am - 6:00 am the following day. I'm not clear how to specify that pause interval. Can I do an "Every Day" from 06:05:00 to 06:00:00, or do I need to create 2 e.g, 06:05:00 to 00:00:00 and 00:00:00 to 06:00:00?


DNS check not working?

I've setup a DNS test, but it doesn't seem to work.
The triangle is gray, last change is n/a last failure never, next check counts down (I have it set to every 60 seconds.

I setup a ping monitor and it works fine and has a green triangle.

Have I missed something?

(for one dns test, I used the domain name www.dejal.com with all default settings)

Notification when Simon Launches?

Is there a way to send a notification when Simon launches?

I have Simon managed by launchd. I've set it to launch on login for a given user and then have launchd restart it every N minutes. I did it this way instead of the option to always keep it running so that I can stop it and have it out of the way for awhile if I need to administer the machine. Since this install will run on a headless system I'd like to receive a notification when Simon launches (on Reboot, after a Crash etc.).

I will set up a Pulse test to send me a daily "I'm alive" message, but am also interested in any unattended restarts.


Growl Notifications between 2 Networked Computers

This is really a Growl question, but one would be led to believe that I should be have a machine running Simon elsewhere on the LAN send Growl Notifications that would show up on my desktop. Has anyone that is using Simon done this? Any tips on what was required to get it to work?


ps - Any ETA on 2.6?

SMTP Notifier multi-transport awkwardness

The SMTP notifier is pretty awkward when you try to take into account that multiple SMTP servers might be needed if you're monitoring an SMTP server and have to send the notifier out via another SMTP server.

I'd love to see the SMTP notifier enhanced to include a "Try In Order" Transport choice (in addition to the "Automatic" choice, which isn't what you'd think it is). This "Try In Order" choice would try each listed Transport in succession until one succeeds.

Using that, I wouldn't have to create multiple identical notifiers (which makes things messy to create and maintain) just to handle the situation where one or the other SMTP server might be down and unavailable.


Mark All Viewed

I am confused about how "Marked All Viewed" is working. I have some server up tests running once a minute, the menu bar icon has a Yellow circle, I click "Mark All Viewed" and it goes away. One minute later it is yellow again. Seems to me it should only change when a test fails or changes. I don't want to have to click once a minute to clear the status, seems silly.

Preferences: Automatically hide Monitor Window doesn't?

Hi David (and everyone).

Migrated Simon to an intel mini, 1.66 Core Duo, running 10.6.2.

Simon runs fine with no issues, but the preference setting to hide the monitor window doesn't seem to do anything.

I would like just that -- to have the monitor window hidden upon launch, with just the menubar icon as my visual clue.

What am I missing?

Alternatives to FTP for uploading Reports to a web server

People still use the totally insecure FTP to push content to webservers? I lock down FTP on all my servers. One of the main reasons its so insecure is that credentials are passed in the clear among other things.

Yet the feature of being able to automatically send Simon Reports to a remote server is a great idea.

So is there an alternative to FTP to upload reports to a server? Scp or Sftp would be my favorites. I guess WebDav would be an Apple/Mac way to do things.

FTPS if all else fails (its a super pain to configure if you aren't already supporting it in my experience).

Any plans?

Simon crashed and now I'm missing data

Help.... It's not as serious as it sounds, but night before last, Simon crashed, or the machine lost power - something happened that cause Simon to no longer check.

When I turned the machine back on, I did the update to 2.5.5, and now all of my reports are missing.

Where are they stored? Is there any way to get them back?

Simon 2.5.5 locked up (not responsive) in OS X 10.6

Simon 2.5.5 (2051) had been running for probably a few weeks and for the first time I can remember it happening, it showed up as "non-responsive" in the OS X dock. I recently updated to OS X 10.6.2 a few weeks ago, so it is possible that the two could be related, and it might have just been a fluke, but thought I'd pass it on. Will let you know if I can reproduce, but when I killed the app from the dock, it didn't come up with a crash report, and it restarted fine, so I don't have anymore info to provide.

Where does Simon store specific test preferences?


I've been looking around in the com.dejal.simon2.plist file and in the file named "Tests.simon" in my application support folder for Simon, however I can't seem to find the individual prefs for each test. Where does Simon store these? The only ones I seem to find are prefs for the whole program...

Thanks for your help and happy thanksgiving! :)

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