require multiple failures for html

I have a test that checks for text on a web page. (A specific two word statement) If the text is missing then it sends a failure email.

I get a lot of false positives which I think is due to the page being unavailable or timing out.

Is there a way to require multiple failures, perhaps setting a number of failures required? Or a way to require a successful page load first?

Maybe I'm making a false assumption.

Thanks for your help!

Filter HTML page using multiple OR statements


I am trying to filter a SUCCESS when I have found a combination of different items.
So this is not an AND statement where all scenarios need to be true but and OR statement where only 1 of these statements need to be true.

I created multiple success filters but this did not seem to work as the logic seems to use AND logic.
I also separated them with a , in a single filter and also got the same AND result.

How would I write a filter that would report a success if it found any of these statements in the web page?

No Records Found
Showing 4 Records of 4 Found
Showing 3 Records of 3 Found
Showing 2 Records of 2 Found
Showing 1 Records of 1 Found

Watching Forum for new posts

This may seem a dumb question but I have had Simon a couple of years but gave up as could not get my head round it but now I really need it.

Is it possible to monitor a forum page and receive notification immediately a new post is added?
And is it possible to filter on a forum user name?

The reason is I need breaking info that is time critical. Too late and the window is gone - checking every ten minutes should be fine.

If someone can advise if this is possible and how to set this up be very appreciative.



Pulse - Reverse trigger?

Not sure how to phrase this question and my apologies if this is answered previously. Same issue, not sure how to search for this either.

The configuration:
I setup Pulse to send me an email every 15 minutes from the Monitoring Mac. This Mac is then monitoring 4 servers and various sevices. Works great.
I have Pulse setup so if that Mac or the network at the client's office goes down, then I no longer received the 15 minute emails.

The issue:
The email every 15 minutes is annoying but very important.

The question:
Has anyone figured out a setup that watches for this email every 15 minutes and if it does not receive it, then that trips a warning email to me?

I have thought of using another Mac server or a Mac that is on 24/7 to receive the 15 minute pulse, then setup something there to email/text me if it does not receive the pulse email.

I just started evaluating this software yesterday and am very impressed. But quite a learning curve. Hoping someone else has tried something like this already.



Simple HTTP Test

Looking for someone to help me with this....

I have a simple Web HTTP test set to GET a specific url, and for filters have it set to Any Find Required Input: Response Text. I have Find First Occurrence, Text Matching, Contains, and then the text I want Simon to find. No matter what I type in for the text, the test always passes.

I just want to create a test to find the source Company and if it can't, fail the test.

Any thoughts?


I had Simon 2.x running on my Mac Mini server for years. I finally got around to upgrading to v3 in June 2104, currently running 3.6.1. Since the upgrade, Simon has been freezing somewhat frequently, something I'd never seen with 2.x. Like most users this runs on a Mac that's always running, currently on 10.9.5. Simon will freeze every 5-10 days. I typically don't notice it has frozen until I hear of a server that's gone down I didn't hear about, or when I'm connected to that server for something else. If I force-quit and relaunch Simon it comes back up fine.

The server doesn't do very much. Other running apps are iPhoto, iTunes, and a few other common apps. It's a home media server with very little active use. Simon's use is primarily to monitor several outside web servers.

Ideally I'd like to fix the freezing, but alternatively I'm ok with a solution that detects the freezing and relaunches the app (perhaps with some alert to keep me informed). Sort of a Simon for Simon...


FYI: test fails but doesn't notify

Hi all,

Prior to upgrading to 3.6.1 the other day, I had a server go down and did not get a notification. I actually check three separate services on that machine and none of the three notified me. All three were displaying the spinning "check now" wheel and the bar graph showed them all maxed out. I have several notifications on each - sound, email, and txt to my phone. Nothing. The triangle was still in the upward pointing, grey mode.

The problem continued after I upgraded.

After recreating all the notifications it began to work correctly again.

I have not re-tested all my monitors, but I recreated notifications on the critical ones just in case.

Thought you might like to know. I have no idea how long this has been going on. It may have been a side effect of a recent OS 10.7.5 security patch or something.

console error: gkbisd[129]: Unable to collect cdhash for /Applications/Simon.app/Contents/PlugIns/...

I'm getting a new computer set up. I'm getting this console error:
gkbisd[129]: Unable to collect cdhash for /Applications/Simon.app/Contents/PlugIns/Web.simonplugin/Contents/MacOS/SimonWebHelper.app (error code 100024)

My simon plugin folder is empty. Is there a plugin that should be in there? Thanks.

MacBook Pro Retina 15" (mid-2014) 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7
OS X 10.9.4
Memory: 16 GB
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB

Feature request: Ability to delete individual events from history

The title says it all. Sometimes local issues happen and I don't want it messing with the uptime of the servers.


POP SSL - missing the obvious


I set up a POP test to a server, wanting to run it using SSL with port 995. When I go to edit the parameters, I don't' see where to enter in my userid/pw credentials to test for a connection successfully. Was there a window I didn't see, or should I edit the script manually for it to function?

SMS Gateway other than ClickATell

I'm down to one on-premises mailserver these days, so I wanted to use an SMS gateway to text me and my staff if that one mailserver goes down (because Simon wouldn't be able to send emails if that mailserver is down).

The one SMS gateway offered in Simon is "ClickATell", but in investigating their pricing, they now require a mandatory $10/month account to be able to send SMS messages. Since I'd very rarely be sending any text messages (only if my main mailserver is down), that's kind of a waste.

Is there any chance of support an additional SMS gateway provider that offers "Pay As You Go" SMS messages? One that I found is CallFire: https://www.callfire.com/pricing Using that service, you can pay for a set number of SMS texts, then just use them until they're gone (with option for automatic replenishment), all with no monthly fee.


HTTPS test failing with too many redirects because of Cookie support

I have Simon doing a bunch of HTTPS tests very successfully, but one that I just added is not working: Simon reports "too many HTTP redirects" and fails it.

This is a vendor-provided ASP system, so there's not much that I can do to change it...I just have to deal with it.

What I've found in general is that a browser or whatever is doing HTTPS *doesn't* support Cookies, you will get into a "too many redirects" situation, since when Cookies aren't working this system sends a redirect back to itself.

When Cookies *are* working properly, however, it returns the normal desired login page.

The problem is that while all browsers that I've tried work, and cURL (when used with Cookie support) works fine, Simon fails. Simon does see the Cookies and records them, but somehow it's not supporting Cookies in the same way that browsers and cURL do, so it just keeps getting the redirects.

The URL that I'm testing for is just a login prompt for this system, called "ResourceScheduler": the URL is https://schedule.cciu.org/resourcescheduler/login.asp

If you put that in a browser, you will get the login page.

If you use cURL with it, using Cookie support, you will get the login page:
$ curl -c cookies.txt -b cookies.txt -k https://schedule.cciu.org/resourcescheduler/login.asp

If you try to use cURL *without* Cookie support, you get the redirect:
$ curl -k https://schedule.cciu.org/resourcescheduler/login.asp
Object moved

Object Moved

This object may be found here.

Simon's HTTPS test will work once, and it records the cookies. But subsequent checks always fail, even though the cookies are showing. I've tried deleting Simon's cookies, checking or unchecking the Write checkbox for the cookies, but nothing seems to work....after the first check, it always fails.

Any ideas? Feel free to hit that login page for testing: it's a public system.


Notify on unchanged?

I'm trying to create a process monitor which notifies me if the processes cpu usage has not changed but I'm finding this a little challenging. There is no 'unchanged' event on the notifier page so I figured the only way to do this was to use an unchanged filter with 'override custom' setting the status to 'failure', then having a second filter with 'changed' event simply detecting change on the response text.

This always results in a 'failure' and I cannot get this to a 'success' status. It seems to apply the'unchanged' filter even if the response text is different.

What am I doing wrong?

Defining Service Variables

I'm creating a new service. Can I define a service to include user data entry points, in the way that the built in services do?

As an example, let's say I wanted to monitor changes in a directory using ls. Can I set up the service with a self-defined variable like so:

ls {dir}

Test Doesn't Fail

I've mentioned before that I have a service that checks a remote computer to see that a specific set of ports is open. If any one of the set is not open, I'm notified.

Since upgrading to 3.6.1 (from 3.6a2) a couple days ago, one of my tests goes from Test Start to Service to Test Stop -- there is no Test Success or (in this case) Test Fail. It appears that the test times out after ~8 minutes; however, an identical (failing) test on another host goes to Test Fail and notifies me.

Any suggestions?

Email Cycle Check

Good old WhistleBlower (may it rest in peace) had a very cool and useful built-in test that would check for a full email cycle, i.e. it would send a special email out through your designated SMTP server, then it would poll a POP3 or IMAP account for a customizable amount of time, waiting for that same email to arrive. If that particular message didn't arrive in the time allotted, it was a failure.

WB serialized the emails that it sent, so that it knew which particular message it was looking for, to avoid confusion from interruptions and old messages. It also cleaned up after itself when it was done, deleting the messages after a successful test (or from old tests), so it was a long-term, sustainable test that was extremely useful for monitoring the all-around function of a mailserver.

I was reminded of the rare but critical need for this test when my Internet message server recently had the process thread that sent messages out die some kind of weird semi-death....but the rest of the process kept running, including responding to a basic SMTP port check and HELO/EHLO, and successfully receiving incoming messages, which masked the human detection of the issue.

It went on like that for 12 hours before some random user finally discovered that their outgoing message never arrived at the destination, and by then all kinds of havoc had enused with critical messages that users thought had gone out but hadn't.

I can see how this test could be hacked together with some fairly extensive shell scripts, but it seems like something that Simon should include as a built-in function that can be easily and cleanly implemented without having to code it ourselves.

Could you consider this for a near-future version of Simon?


Simon App Health testing (Redux 2)

Back in 2008 and again a couple of years ago I asked about a feature that would allow another service (or another Simon server) to monitor Simon to make sure that it's alive and running:


It's been a few major revisions since then and (unless I missed it) still nothing....even if it's a rare occurrence, this is a big hole in Simon's featureset, one that can really bite you in the butt if Simon or OS X crashes or freezes (even from causes like bad memory or HD on the box) and you're depending on it for notifications about critical infrastructure.

Pinging the box that Simon is running on is not sufficient: in addition to telling you nothing about the health or existence of the Simon app, I've seen OS X soldiering on replying to pings while the upper levels of the OS are completely hosed and unresponsive.

Any chance that we'll see something soon that allows us to monitor Simon's health externally?


Test for Internet connectivity before reporting failure

Occasionally our Internet connection goes down and then every test fails. Is there some way to test for Internet connectivity before registering/reporting a test as failed? Or maybe a way to automatically pause all testing until connectivity is reestablished?

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