Need Long Auto Pause

I have a server that gets shut down for a long backup once a week, starting at 6pm on Friday and it goes until Sunday morning.

I can't figure out how to get the Simon test to Auto Pause for that long without glitching out and starting to issue bogus warnings.

I've tried setting the Autu Pause on Friday from 6pm to 12am/11:59pm, 1am, etc, with various tries at similar settings on Saturday and Sunday, but inevitably the test turns itself back on.

How can I get Simon to pause for an extended period of time?

Test dependencies

I have a portable lab that is not always turned on. I'm trying to monitor the lab services using Simon, however, I haven't found a way of creating a dependency for starting a group of tests.

I want to have a way to define a dependency for the lab test group. Something like "if the server X is responding, then enable the group for testing".

Is there such a feature in Simon?


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