Version 1.7.1 (1036)

Possible bug: No "back to work" sound when using new MacBook 12"

When I bought a new MacBook 12", Time Out stopped playing the back to work sound until I actually went up to my computer and pressed a button. Usually it sounds after 8 minutes, but I've been waiting many more minutes than that until pressing a key and hearing the sound. It's probably because my screen goes to sleep after five minutes.Tthat has never been a problem with the old computer, though.

Feature Request: Green icon should show current time.

The green icon, during breaks, should show the current time.
Often after break, I realize it's time to have lunch or go home. :)

-- KAS

feature request: "time worked" or "countdown to break" timer in menu bar

More kudos on the product, glad to have it.

Would be GREAT to see at glance how long it's been since the last break, or how long until the next break (one or the other).

I've seen this on other break apps (e.g., Awareness), and along with keyboard shortcuts, it's the only feature I miss from those. Hoping those are on the v2 list!

Thanks again for the great tool.

Resurrected feature request: "postpone"/"skip" keyboard shortcut

Just adding my enthusiastic vote for a "postpone"/"skip" keyboard shortcut (resurrecting the closed thread of the same name).

TimeOut for Yosemite will it work?

I have been using Time Out for a couple of years for Mac with Mavericks. I'm planning to switch to Yosemite. My question is, will the current TimeOut version (1.7.1) work under Yosemite?
I ask this because I find the app incredibly useful and cannot work without as I have a chronic pain problem that requires me to take several breaks while using a computer.
Many thanks,

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