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Hello, maybe nooby question for some of you. Yesterday i have downloaded Simon for the firstime. Running OSX 10.9.5 so have an older version - BUT that is not problem i guess. After one day i was able to set up Test for this webpage The problem is in login to webpage. The test is working for only 10 minutes, after this time it kicks me off and i have to put username and password manually via preview site. Please if you can help me to set up the test correctly it helps me a lot. I am not the coder etc.

If it's help to you -


It's gaming server and i would check if other players are online, everything works fine but for 10 minutes only. :-(

Thanks for your time!

Licensing options for local development vs. remote servers


I've just purchased Simon Platinum and develop web applications, first locally and then deploy remotely to one or more mac servers that I own and operate for clients. I also have a local server that I stage on that mirrors my remote environment. I'd like to test some setups with Simon locally on my local server then deploy, or run Simon on my development machine. Are there any network issues involved with running the same license in the same subnet for development, or the same license on 2 separate machines not on the same subnet but connected via the net? I don't mind test restrictions etc. but I would like a full feature set that Platinum offers.


Peter D Bethke

FTP Directory Listing - Password starts with "$"

Dear Forum,

i want to check changes on an ftp-server with your application. Everything works fine with 2 other servers. But the password on the third ftp-server i want to check starts with an "$". Simon says "Undefined variable. (1)" because it thinks that "$" is the start of a command or so. Have you any idea besides changing the password?

I am not able to change the pw because the server is run by a very large customer of us ...

Twitter Notifications Broken

Twitter notifications are all coming up as:

The transaction resulted in a "Authorization Failed" error. Please check the notifier credentials.

However, the credentials are correct for CERTAIN, and fully tested. For some reason it just stopped working.


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