Simon User Guide

New/Edit Test Window

The New Test and Edit Test windows. This window is typically accessed via the File > New Test... or File > Edit Test... menu commands or the corresponding toolbar buttons are chosen.

This window is divided into eight sections. Below is a brief description of each; click on the section name or "tell me more" link for more information about each:

Name: The top section only includes a field where you can name this test. Enter a descriptive name for the test; you can use anything that helps you identify it; Simon does not use this value other than for display purposes. The default is "Untitled".

Checking Options: This and the following sections can be hidden or shown by clicking on the disclosure triangle. This section contains the frequencies of checking this test, and other options. [Tell me more....]

Service: This section contains a pop-up menu listing the available services. When you choose a service kind from this menu, the fields below change accordingly. [Tell me more....]

Security & Proxy: This includes some extra fields that some services may need. [Tell me more....]

Smart Change Detection: This section includes the ability to enable Smart Change Detection, and specify what text to look for, if any. This is quite a useful feature; click the link for more information. [Tell me more....]

Automatically Pause Test: This feature allows you to suspend checking this test on specified days (or any day) and times. Useful if a monitored server is restarted at midnight, or you don't want to check during known idle times, etc. [Tell me more....]

Notifiers: This section allows adding any number of change, failure, or recovery notifiers, so you are alerted when one of those events occurs. [Tell me more....]

Reports: This section lets you specify whether to include this test on all reports, on no reports, or only on some. [Tell me more....]

Show Source: Click this button to open a Source window for the current test. Only active if the service plug-in supports this function.

Preview: Click this button to open a Preview for Web (HTTP) or Preview for Others window for the current test. Only active if the service plug-in supports this function.

Click this button to display the page of the User Guide that discusses this window, i.e. the page you are reading now.

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