Time Out 2.9.4 released

I’m pleased to announce an update of Time Out, my popular break reminder tool.

Version 2.9.4 includes some nice fixes and tweaks:

  • Fixed the settings window unexpectedly appearing after restarting the Mac, when the Dock icon is hidden.
  • Fixed misnaming the app in the sidebar when using a When Open app exclusion.
  • Fixed the Also skip breaks during focus exclusion option.
  • Fixed a break with a large negative duration when scheduling from the calendar with no more events.
  • Fixed the tooltip for the Ask When to Start scheduling option.
  • When there are multiple displays available, now uses the names of the displays in the menu.
  • Fixed the With Inactive Menubar option for multiple displays.
  • The other displays now fade out and back in correctly.
  • Fixed requesting full calendar access when using the calendar exclusion option (need full access to look for matching events).
  • Fixed the Skip button appearing when previewing a break if the end early option is enabled.
  • Fixed the option to alert of another copy of the app.
  • Added support for break-specific pause via a URL like timeout://break/micro/pause/30m, where micro is the break name, and 30m means pause for 30 minutes.
  • Also break-specific resume via a URL like timeout://break/micro/resume.
  • Fixed using a timeout://pause URL without an amount (to pause all breaks indefinitely) possibly crashing.
  • Fixed the settings window unexpectedly appearing when using a timeout:// URL.
  • Bonus: added the Sinclair Trails 2023 theme, with random timelapse clips of driving around the US.

Want to try it?

If you are using the Mac App Store edition, you can update via the App Store app.

Similarly, if you are using the Setapp edition, it will handle that update for you.

If you are using the direct edition, you can use the Check for Updates feature in the app to update. (If it says you’re up-to-date with version 2.9.2, turn off the Via SSL checkbox; CloudFlare seems to be caching the version state.)

Otherwise, download Time Out 2.9.4 now!