Why are my Simon tests timing out on my Apple Silicon Mac?

If you install Simon on an Apple Silicon (M1, M2, etc) based Mac, you may notice Web Page tests timing out.

That is because the Web Page service uses an embedded helper tool to load the HTML in a separate process, to improve performance and reduce the risk of crashing Simon. But currently this helper is Intel-only. Some other helpers, e.g. to send emails or upload reports to a remote server, are also Intel-only.

This is fine, but it means that you need to install Rosetta, Apple’s emulation layer to enable running Intel apps on Apple Silicon.

The main Simon app is universal, so launching it won’t prompt to install Rosetta, but you can override that by checking the “Open using Rosetta” option in the Finder’s Get Info window:

Open using Rosetta

Just remember to uncheck that option after you’ve opened Simon, so subsequent launches use the universal code.