Why haven’t I received an email from Dejal?

If you send an email to Dejal asking for support, you should expect a reply within 24 hours. If you don’t get one, chances are your email service has mis-flagged it as spam. So check your spam folder.

If you use the contact form, and request a reply, you will get an automated reply email from the Dejal server within minutes, acknowledging receipt. And will get a personal reply within 24 hours, if needed. So if you don’t get that automatic reply, again check your spam folder.

I know it’s frustrating to write to a company and not get a reply. As an indie developer, I strive to provide excellent customer support. But it’s just as frustrating for me when I write a lengthy reply and it bounces due to a mail server being full, or thinking its spam, or other issues. So please check that you don’t have overly aggressive spam filtering if you’d like to receive a reply.

Another alternative to email, if you want to bypass those possible hassles, is to post in the Dejal community on Reddit, r/Dejal. I check that every day (well, most of the time), plus other members may be able to help you too.

And of course check the Frequently Asked Questions list, in case your issue is a commonly asked one.