How can I control Time Out from another app?

Time Out supports URL schemes to control some functions:

  • timeout://break/micro/start will start the Micro break.
  • timeout://break/micro/postpone1 to postpone the Micro break by the first postpone amount.
  • timeout://break/normal/postpone2 to postpone the Normal break by the second postpone amount.
  • timeout://break/mybreak/skip to skip “My Break”; use lowercase and omit spaces and punctuation for the break name in the URL.
  • timeout://break/micro/reset to reset the Micro break.
  • timeout://pause will pause breaks indefinitely.
  • timeout://pause/10m will pause breaks for 10 minutes (use “s”, “m”, “h”, or “d” units, or no suffix for minutes).
  • timeout://resume to resume after a pause.
  • timeout://settings or timeout://preferences to show the Settings window.
  • timeout://settings/advanced/console to open the Console app.
  • timeout://settings/advanced/terminal to open the Terminal app.

Let me know if you want any other functions to be available via URL.