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no e-mail notifier in Library>Application Support>Dejal>Simon


I just downloaded Simon v.2.1.1 and am looking for the e-mail notifier -- it doesn't appear in the notifiers list. Also, I checked in Library>Application Support>Dejal>Simon and it's not there either.

Is the e-mail notifier included with the basic license, or is an upgrade required for this? Is it enabled only when a license is purchased?


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Re: no e-mail notifier

Hi Al.

The E-mail notifier isn't in the Notifiers list initially, as it needs configuration before it can be used. You can add it via the following:

1. Display the Notifiers window.
2. Click New (or Add in 2.1.1).
3. Enter a suitable name for the notifier.
4. Configure the Notifier Options to indicate when to use it.
5. Choose E-mail from the Notifier Kind pop-up menu.
6. Enter the To, From, etc values.
7. Click OK (or Add in 2.1.1).

It'll then be available to use in a test. You can add multiple E-mail notifiers with different configurations, if desired (e.g. one for changes, one for failures, one for recoveries, each with different text and variables).

You might like to consider upgrading to version 2.2; even though it is in general candidate release currently, it is much improved over 2.1.1, and almost ready for general release.