Pack has not been updated for iPhone X yet; I am working on an update now. It will still work fine, but will be optimized for the notch etc with the next update. (I also plan to do some great enhancements.)
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A simple & easy packing list

Pack is a very simple packing list, so you can get packed quickly and easily.

There's no need to maintain separate lists for each trip. There's no need to guess and enter unnecessary details like weight or cost for each item. It has a clean and elegant appearance, without blinding you with wacky colors and images.

Pack comes with a catalog containing hundreds of items as a starting point. Quickly add, edit or delete them to make your own personalized list.

When preparing for a trip, simply skim through the list, checking or unchecking items as needed for this journey. When ready, flip over to start packing, crossing off items as you put them in your suitcase.

The Choose and Pack lists can be arranged by item name, category, or person name, and can be filtered to show only packed, packed at the end, or all.

Pack is free to use, and includes an optional one-time in-app purchase to unlock all of the app's premium features:

Purchasing also helps support further Pack development.

Apple Watch

Pack includes an optional Apple Watch app. After choosing what to pack in the iPhone app, you can mark things as packed from your Watch, without having to take your iPhone out of your pocket.

Like the iPhone app, the Watch app can be arranged by item name, category, or person name. All items can be marked as packed or unpacked from the Watch, too. A Glance is included, that indicates the number of items still to pack.

Try It Now!

Pack is available free to try! If you find it useful, an optional In-App Purchase will unlock premium features.

Dejal has a reputation for prompt and friendly support. Check out the Pack Support page for several ways to get assistance from the developer and other customers, to suggest new features or enhancements, or provide other feedback.

Version 1.2 is currently the latest release on the App Store; version 2.0a1 is currently being beta tested and will be available soon. Read the Pack release notes to see what has changed in this version.