"Smart" quotes in BlogAssist?

Any chance of having quotes be smart?

Currently I run finished blog posts (made in MarsEdit) through TextSoap for this purpose, an extra step I'd like to do away with.

updating codes for CMS


I love the idea of BlogAssist - it fills a need in my daily work for writing simple HTML code. I have two suggestions for updates

1) Content Management Systems - I wondered if BlogAssist could be updated to feature specific CMS code (like the Drupal tag examples in the forum). I would like to be able to have the full complement of Drupal tags as well as HTML tags. I'm sure WordPress users would be interested as well.

2) Add Your Own code - I would love to see the ability to add, save and name the code we use (and even order it within the app). This would provide me with a high level of customization.

Thanks for listening!

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