3.6.1 (3035)

Can't create long "Minutes" Pause

Refer to an old topic I posted in the past:


Summary: I want to run a Pulse test at ~ 6:00 AM every morning.

This test was imported from our old setup. After the upgrade yesterday I noticed I didn't receive a notifier this morning and checked the test once on site.The notifier came across as "APC Masterswitch". I reset it to the defined Email Notifier, but now the test is running every 5 minutes and I can't get it to pause until 6:00 am.

I deleted and recreated the test. No Joy.

I've tried to Pause this test for the number of minutes until 6am, (right now that would be 1346) but it always goes back to 5 minutes. It appears the max I can do is 900 minutes? I guess the only option is to have to set a reminder to reset the pause later today? Am I missing something?

Simon 3.6.1 crashing when Sending mail

I upgraded Simon to 3.6.1 for a customer on a Mac Mini running OS 10.8.5 yesterday.
They were running 2.* on a older machine running OS 10.6. The disk on that machine is dying, hence the move/upgrade.
I copied our tests, notifications, etc from the old machine to the new. Things seemed to be OK.

I noticed I didn't receive my daily "Pulse" email notification this morning. In checking this out I manually ran the pulse test and noticed that Simon crashed. This is reproducible.

I delete and recreated my original pulse test. I also deleted and recreated the email notification.
It still crashes.
This machine is using sendmail for notifications (To use a mail Client I'd need an institutional user account. The institution only give those to people. For hopefully obvious reasons I can't use mine).

I also notice that test changes aren't being saved across crashes. For example I added a new test that dissapeared after the crash. I also turned off the Pulse Test's "auto pause" to debug this problem. My original settings are now back in place (this makes me think that the original Pulse test wasn't actually deleted).


I purchased Simon over a year ago but have still not used as cannot get my head round it.

What I want to achieve is relatively simple. Input a url and take screenshots every time the screen refreshes in real time - total time maximum of about 4 minutes.

I want to watch how market prices change on horse racing betting exchange from the start to finish.

But how is the question.

Any advice much appreciated.


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