Dejal year in review: 2023

As we start a new year, let’s review what happened with the Dejal apps in 2023:

Time Out icon Time Out

My popular break reminder tool, Time Out, only had a bug-fix update in 2023, to version 2.9.2. But a lot of thought was put into the big 3.0 update, including planning to add syncing of break settings, adding an iOS app, and offering an auto-renewing subscription option; see issue #84 the DejalNews newsletter for details. The app also hit a major milestone, turning 20 years old in 2023.

Simon icon Simon

My pro app to monitor websites and servers for changes and failures, Simon, also had a bug-fix update, to version 5.1.1.

Pack icon Pack

Pack, a simple iPhone app to make it easy to pack for trips, didn’t have any updates in 2023. Now that I take my home with me when I travel, I rarely need to pack suitcases anymore, so I’m unlikely to update it again. It remains a product in my lineup.

Date Stamp icon Date Stamp

Date Stamp, an iMessage app to provide customizable date stamp stickers, also didn’t have any changes. Since few people seem to use iMessage stickers anymore, I’m unlikely to update this either, but will continue to offer it for as long as it keeps working.

Date Stamp icon New Apps

I also have another couple of new apps in various stages of development. More about those below.


Dejal also develops macOS and iOS apps for other companies, under the banner of Dejal Consulting.

SheetPlanner icon SheetPlanner

SheetPlanner is a pro-level outliner, planner, todo, calendar, and more. I spent 2023 working on an iPad edition of the app, plus work on a new kanban board view in version 4.0. The Board view update was released in 2023, and the iPad app is progressing well, and should be available in early 2024.

NewsBlur icon NewsBlur

I have also continued to work on the iOS client for NewsBlur, a popular RSS reader. It recently had a big update that added a handy grid view.

I am currently fully booked up for the next several months at least, but am always interested in talking with potential new clients. If you have a macOS or iOS project you’d like help with (or a custom Simon enhancement), check out my consulting page for more information.

So how’d 2023 go?

It was a relatively quiet year for updates of Time Out and Simon, with a bunch of behind-the-scenes work, but not many releases. It feels like the majority of my time was spent on my consulting projects, but I also spent a lot of Dejal time on developing a new app.

What’s next for 2024?

What’s in store for 2024? As mentioned, I’m working on a new app; when not working on my consulting projects, I am concentrating on this new app. It is almost ready for release; I could have released it already, but decided to wait till the new year. Make sure you subscribe to the DejalNews newsletter to get notified when it is available for a TestFlight or general release.

I also will do a Time Out 2.9.3 update early in 2024, to address a few issues that have been bothering some people.

After that, I’ll get back to work on Time Out 3.0. I’m also keen work on the other new app I have in the works, but I want to get Time Out 3.0 out first.

On the personal side, my wife and I will continue to explore the country in our motorhome, and blog about it at Sinclair Trails, and post travel timelapses on the YouTube channel (please subscribe!). I hope you’ll follow along there.

Thank you

Thank you and welcome to my new customers, and many thanks to the long-term customers who are still enjoying my apps, and of course my consulting clients. I really appreciate your support.