Organize. Plan. Do.

SheetPlanner is a powerful macOS app that combines an outliner, todo, spreadsheet, timeline, calendar, and more, enabling you to easily plan projects, manage tasks, organize information, and many other uses.

It includes support for multiple types of columns, inline notes and links, sorting, an option to focus on a subset of rows, flexible smart filter options, styles, dark mode, and many more features, yet is very simple to get started.

SheetPlanner was written by Dejal, under contract for SheetPlanner Software LLC. To find out more about Dejal's consulting / contract programming service, visit the Dejal Consulting page.

SheetPlanner planning document screenshot

Start by picking one of the pre-made templates, or an empty document:

Template chooser screenshot

Configure columns, the theme, and other options in the Inspector:

SheetPlanner theme screenshot

You can show any combination of the Outline, Timeline, Month, Year, and Inspector views, in horizontal or vertical orientation:

Vertical orientation screenshot

Show a month view to see dates on a calendar:

Month view screenshot

And/or a year view for a heat map of tasks:

Year view screenshot

Include inline notes and/or attachments:

Inspector screenshot

Customize powerful filters to show only matching rows:

Editing a filter screenshot

Or edit the preferences:

Preferences screenshot

Learn more via the SheetPlanner site, or download from the Mac App Store to try it for yourself.