QuickEncrypt Classic
Keep your data private!

Drop a file on this application to quickly encrypt it, or decrypt previously encrypted files. Supports both QE's original encryption format, and a text-based one, suitable for sending in the body of email messages. Supports self-decrypting archives, so you can send encrypted data to another user without them needing to have QuickEncrypt.

QuickEncrypt is very configurable and has many features, including archiving several files in one encrypted file, multiple worksets, user-controlled password limitations, default passwords, automatic encryption and/or decryption, verification of validity, the option of a standard source folder and various destination options, encrypting or decrypting the contents of the Clipboard, and/or saving the encrypted or decrypted data to the Clipboard, opening files once decrypted (via Apple events), and more.

Important Note

This product has been discontinued. No future updates are planned.

Also Available for Mac OS X

QuickEncrypt 4.0 is a newer version of this encryption tool, written from the ground up in Cocoa for Mac OS X 10.3.9 and later. It implements the basic functionality of QuickEncrypt, though without as many features as the Classic editions. It has also been discontinued. Visit the QuickEncrypt 4 page to find out more information or download it.

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