What is Dejal?

Dejal Systems, LLC is a small independent macOS and iOS software development company, owned and operated by David Sinclair. It is dedicated to the idea of creating useful, fun, and easy-to-use software for the Apple platforms.

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Dejal has several Twitter accounts. The main ones are @dejal and @dejus, and there are also accounts for several products and other info:

Dejal is also on Facebook and Micro.blog, and David is on Micro.blog and YouTube:


Dejal has provided many quality and flexible utilities to the Macintosh world over the years, starting back in 1991 with the pre-Mac OS X gems QuickEncrypt and SndConverter Pro. Some earlier Mac OS X apps have since been retired or sold, including Caboodle and Narrator.

Nowadays, the apps are developed with the latest native tools for macOS, including Time Out and Simon, and for iOS, including Pack and Date Stamp.

In addition, Dejal provides consulting and contract programming services to help others produce great macOS and iOS software.

Established in New Zealand in September 1991, Dejal moved to Oregon, USA in April 2001, was organized as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in April 2002, and was moved to Washington state in September 2022. The name "Dejal" is pronounced DEE-JILL - see the FAQ for more information.

Just For You

David's customers are his friends, so he carefully guards your privacy, and is confident that you will love his products, so he offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything.

To provide the best possible support, David provides prompt, friendly and FREE support for all his products via online form or email, or via Reddit at r/Dejal. You get helped by the guy who wrote the product, so knows how it ticks, and can whip up a quick fix if necessary. David makes blog posts about product releases, Mac topics, and other discussion. And you can show your support of Dejal with official merchandise, including T-shirts, mugs, caps, and more!

Dejal software is not sold in stores. David keeps prices affordable by avoiding the old-style packaging and distribution channels. Instead, all Dejal macOS software is available for online download via the Dejal web site. All products include a full-featured FREE trial period to allow you to see what you're buying beforehand. Some macOS apps are also available via the Mac App Store and/or Setapp. Of course, iOS apps are only available via the App Store, but often are free to download and try.


The Dejal logo is a highly-stylized capital "D", and also somewhat resembles a wave (representing progress) and a kiwi bird (for Dejal's country of origin).

The Dejal® name and the Dejal logo are registered trademarks of Dejal Systems, LLC.

This website was designed in-house by David, with hand-crafted pages maintained in Nova using HTML, CSS, and served up by PHP scripts to allow dynamically updating version number displays, a standard header and footer without the evil of frames, and several other nifty features. The blog is powered by the popular WordPress engine, which uses a database backend driven by PHP scripts and CSS pages.

And why yes, green is David's favorite color. How could you tell? :)


Sometimes people want to express appreciation for apps or great customer service in a way other than buying apps. If you wish, you can buy David a gift from his Amazon.com Wish List. It's always nice to receive a surprise package in the mail. (If you do, please include a gift receipt with your name, unless you want to be anonymous.)